Three Essential Skincare Products Needed for Coming Out of Hibernation

Sue Moore here and I want you to be Empowered by your Skin..

What does that mean you say?

A skincare routine, just like diet, exercise and mindset, can be a transformative part of your life by looking and feeling better…So

Today we are going to talk about 3 Essential skincare products you may want to consider putting your best face forward now that we’re beginning to come out of our homes.

First is – Wipe the Day Away

I’d suggest using ultra-soft cloths that gently yet effectively dissolve makeup you’ve had on all day…you know…the dirt and oil …wipe it away with just a few swipes…look for a wipe that does not leave a heavy residue and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Second is - Protect All Over

Yes, that’s a broad-spectrum SPF 50, good for the face and body, that is non-sticky, hydrating, light weight, absorbs easily and doesn’t leave that annoying white residue.

And lastly

The Third is – Protect Your Lips

A broad-spectrum SPF 25 is great option making sure it fortifies the lips’ fragile natural barrier. Keep one in your purse and the other in the car…it’ll make a difference.

So, to recap a skincare guide to go by:

  • Wipe the day away…get rid of the environment

  • Protect Yourself All Over…the sun is brutal and relentless

  • And don’t forget Your Lips…the sun see them too

That’s it for today… as always, I invite you to check out my private FB page at The TMC Connection…once I see you there, I’ll get you in… there you’ll find more specific information on which skincare products or perhaps which skincare regimen will assist you in getting the best skincare of your life.

Thanks for your continued support, journey well and stay safe.

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