Hi there. Sue Moore here and I help women look younger and feel good in their skin without spending a fortune.

Today’s question is: Are you wearing someone else’s skincare?

Let me paint the scenario.

I find that many people don’t understand the difference in how products are manufactured or formulated. All they know is they’ve got an issue they want to take care of so they head to the department stores (if they’re open) or to the drug stores and stand in front of the Wall of Skincare and HOPE their selection is accurate or HOPE that the lady behind the counter is trained sufficiently to make an accurate recommendation. Truth be told…HOPE is not a strategy when it comes to the most important piece of real estate, we all own…our faces.

You’ve heard me mention that many times.

Now, when you couple that with the fact that all of my clients are wanting to fight the aging process so they look younger and feel good in their skin without having to spend a fortune to make that happen, there’s got to be a way to get that done.

As I said, HOPE is not a strategy

But experiencing the power of a personalized skincare recommendation, that is as unique as you are, is a STRATEGY… and one that works.

That said…

How would a 2 minute, simple 8-question assessment of your skin needs, tailored just for you, giving you the best skin of your life sound without a trip to the doctor’s office sound?

Here’s your call to action… hop on over to my private FB page the TMC Connection and you’ll see a picture of a phone with the words…find the perfect skincare solution…it’s the place…While it is product specific, you can see the formulation ingredients so you could use it anywhere.

But the point is…HOPE is not a strategy

You work hard for your money and you want to purchase something that will work OR you get your money back…which doesn’t happen at the department stores or the drug stores.

That’s it for today…Hope you got some value out it.

I’ll see you over on the private FB page.

Journey well.

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