How to Use the “U” to Get You Through a Crisis

Hey Hello - Sue Moore here and the subject of today’s video is How to use the U to get through a Crisis.

While we are in this crisis, we know that things will get better.

History shows us that. As Jeffrey Shaw says in the podcast link below, we are at the bottom of the “U”.

It’s a time to rejuvenate…to take some time and think about where we are in space and time. Notice though that the “U” has an arrow pointing upward and that’s that point.

While this time was not our choice, it is an exceptional time to rethink your business and personal life.

I visualize the U with an arrow pointing upward as a sign that we will come out of this stronger, with more velocity, with more passion, more energy and more caring.

Why? Because we’re shedding things that at one point seemed so important, but this time has helped us realize those things really aren’t that important after all.

His podcast offers some good tips to surviving and thriving in the uncertain times and I’m not going to repeat all those…There are plenty of posts on that already.

My take was his suggestion we use this time wisely to think about the opportunities that will exist for us on the other side of the coronavirus and I believe there will be opportunities that we would never have come to us had this not happened.

The more important question is… will you be prepared to hit the ground running with a fresh mindset? With a brand-new day mentality…Will you be ready for the upward thrust that will change your life?

Here’s your CTA. Listen to the podcast and see where you can plug in to a tenant Jeffrey explains. Secondly, don’t lose this opportunity to significantly improve you, your life and the lives of those you love.

Journey well.

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