Forgetting Your Skincare Routine Could Cost You!

Sue Moore here, guiding women to healthy and radiant skin by transforming their skincare routine.

I don’t have a question today

I have a statement and it’s this ~has to do with the virus

If I’m going to cocoon, I better come out as a butterfly!!! How cute is that…

Just wanted to share a short message or public service announcement…

With the virus and service-in mandates, please remember to not let your skincare routine fall by the wayside.

If you do, it will take time to come back.

I have a personal example – I use our eyelash product for longer, darker, fuller looking lashes. And it works…my lashes were longer, darker, fuller looking lashes until I didn’t reorder the product when I should have…strictly by mistake but in about 4 weeks or so, I could tell the difference with shorter, thinner and lighter lashes.

It’s the same with your skincare routine. Don’t let it go. Skin evolves and changes. Aging, lifestyle, stress (hello coronavirus), hormones and the environment can all affect how your skin looks and feels.

So, don’t stop using your regimen regularly but instead, check in with your skin periodically and adjust your skincare as necessary.

Your CTA is a stress test of sorts. Take a photo of your face this evening (April 4th) when you’re preparing for bed going through your usual routine. And then take a photo when we’re no longer ‘service-in’.

If 3 of you share your results with me at that time, I’ll gift you one of our facial masks. That’s a $54 value.

As always, I invite you to check out my private FB page at The More Connection. Go to Member requests and I’ll open the door for you. You’ll see the Solution Tool there and if you take the 1 minute quiz, I’ll send you, as a thank you, a package of our Essential Gauze pads…soft and lint-free they apply toner without leaving any cotton ball residue.

Stay Safe and Journey well.

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