An Essential Skincare Spring Cleaning Tip to Get You Radiant Skin

Sue Moore, your guide to healthy and beautiful skin, with one of my 6 Spring Skincare tips for you.

This one is my favorites:

Spring is the perfect time to swap out your winter foundation for a tinted moisturizer. Here’s what’s happening:

Tinted moisturizers are quickly becoming the product of choice for women looking for an alternative to their heavier foundations…think BB cream…but still get the results they want.

So... upgrading your beauty routine to include a tinted moisturizer has many benefits and this is for everyone regardless of age!

· A moisturizer that neutralizes dulling environmental aggressors

· A moisturizer that repairs the natural moisture barrier for smoother skin

· A moisturizer the protects from harmful UVA/UVB sun rays for healthier skin

· And finally, a moisturizer that perfects your complexion for an instant radiance.

Let’s recap those features

· Neutralizes dullness

· Repairs the moisture barrier getting smoother skin

· Protects from the sun meaning healthier skin

· Perfects the complexion for instant radiance

· All good stuff in putting our best face forward.

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Journey well.

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